Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm All Hearts

Flower Burst

Here it is, mid January and Valentines day not far away and I hadn't even thought of it.
Until this week, when I made sure to create some Hearts in my last batch of copper.
The hearts above are Pendants but are not so large that they can't be used as earrings.


These pendants measure approximately 1" with 2 holes.

Imperial Garden


This one above actually only has 1 hole, the rest have 2.
And now for a few earrings pair.


The earring pair measure about 5/8" and have a single hole.


I do wish I had made some with 2 holes,
I think that would have given a whole other design choice.


Now that I've shared them,
 it is possible at least some of them have been sold before being listed.

Keep an eye on my Etsy Shop and I'll list whatever I have left.

Thanks for stopping by, let me know how you like my hearts.
I may even make more if they are well liked.


PS, I am watching Masterpiece Theater,
 Persuasion to be specific,
I feel my speech is now quite proper! :)


  1. Kristi, your hearts are just darling! The last three designs are my favorites.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. You have such great textures. I just got some Copper Art Clay to start playing with, but everytime I look at your wonderful creations, I'm daunted. Mine will never be that great. Love how those little hearts turned out.

  3. These turned out really nice! I "heart" them!! :)