Sunday, March 18, 2012

Puerto Vallarta 2012

This photo is from the balcony of our unit, wonderful to sit and look out at the water!

Several shots of the sky, it was fairly overcast most of the trip so I didn't get the spectacular sunset like I got last year, CLICK HERE to see it.

I love me some Pelicans, had to include a shot of them flying overhead!
 If you clicked on the above link you'll also see my Pelican Experience from last year
 CLICK HERE to see this years Awesome Close Encounter!

Amazing sculptures by the boardwalk in town along the beach!

And lots of Sand Sculptures!

I love these doors.

And as I mentioned it was overcast and it rained once, and boy did it ever rain!
 In 10 short minutes it absolutely poured!
These photos don't do it justice, I've never seen so much water come down in such a short time!

These pictures taken from our balcony, we could only stand on the balcony on the side.
 We couldn't stand on the front balcony facing the beach because the rain was blowing towards us and we would have been absolutely soaked

I'll be editing more pictures along the way and share in another post.
I hope you enjoyed these cause I sure had fun sharing them.



  1. Gorgeous! That rain sounds like the rain we get in the summer in Florida. Used to be every afternoon like clockwork for around 15 min - 1/2 hr every day, but the weather has changed so we never know when now... we had a stop in Mexico during our honeymoon cruise, there is some beautiful land and beaches there.

  2. Puerto Vallarta - our favorite Mexican destination! Loved to browse through the pics!

  3. I bet it was hard for you to pick which pictures to post! What beautiful scenery and gorgeous shots! Thanks for sharing!