Saturday, March 31, 2012

I Heart Macro - Enamel

Today was the reveal for the Colors of Spring Blog hop I participated in.
 We got a sudden burst of sunshine this afternoon which we haven't seen much in the last few days so I decided to attempt to re-take some of my photos and also thought that cool enamel bead with all it's cracks and crackles was a perfect subject for today's I Heart Macro!

Mor Macro to enjoy at Studio Waterstone!

studio waterstone



  1. It's interesting to see beads and jewelry blown up large! The tiny lines in this bead look so interesting--they remind me of some very old dishes my Grandmother had that I loved--all the better for the checking!

    I admit I'm sometimes less pleased when I see some tiny thing I can't see by eye on one of my pieces look like a huge mistake when posted on Facebook! In those instances, macro can be a little maddening! :-)

    Lovely bead and bracelet, Kristi!

  2. Wonderful pictures. I love the detail on the enamel. The textures and colors are great.

  3. Wonderful pictures. I love the macro of the enamel. The texture and color is just beautiful.

  4. Oh goodness, what lovely macro's you've gotten of this lovely bead and what you've created for the blog hop!! That purple is just luscious :)

  5. Great pictures, and I love that colour combination! :)

  6. Oh yes! The crackle Sally achieves on her beads is absolutely mesmerizing. You did an excellent job capturing it!

  7. Oh so very pretty. I love anything purple...all shades of purple!!

    HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU is my Monday post. Hope you can find time to pay a visit.

  8. I chose the same color bead from Sally - I absolutley love your design, as your design actually looks like Spring! Amazing pictures! You really did capture the crackle finish!