Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Buttons BTW

I've finally made some Copper Buttons,
I've been thinking... talking... threatening to do it for so long!
 I love them!
I'm hoping to fire either tonight or tomorrow night so these will be ready by the weekend!

That's my Bead Table Wednesday
for this week!


P.S. I just reached 300 blog followers so I'm thinking about a giveaway!!!


  1. Wow, 301! Congrats! Love the buttons!

  2. Eek! Those are too cute! Man, I wish I'd had some to send to my partner for Cindy's button hop! Can't wait to see these all finished and pretty. I was also wondering how the bead caps turned out. Hopping off to your Etsy to see if they are on there....:)

  3. Congrats on getting 300 (301) followers! Can't wait to see these buttons after they are fired!