Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Copper House and More BTW

I love this house, I'm looking forward to seeing it fired!
All these pieces I'm sharing today have yet to be cleaned up so don't mind the rough edges.

Some leaf shapes in a variety of textures.
Tribal Paisley, Imperial Garden and Sea Urchin.

Love these little love tags, also a pair that says cute!
 I can see them as earrings or as hangtags on the end of bracelet or earrings closures.

Winged Things, large Bracelet focals

Triangles in Paisley

Here's the triangles with 5 holes across the bottom, oh the possibilities!

Hoping to fire this weekend if not before as usual.

Bead Table Wednesday

A little late today which seems to happen alot lately!



  1. Love everything...especially the Love tags! Can't wait to see them fired!

  2. the house! Can't wait to see it fired! Love all the paisley too!

  3. Love all of it!! I especially love the leaves! Leaves are some of my favorite motifs to work with!

  4. oooo, can't wait to see them fired - very partial to the leaves