Sunday, September 2, 2012

New pieces, pre-order, special order, re-stock Copper

A little bit of everything in last nights firing!
2 New large pieces, this Ammonite with Tapestry bail.

The large Shell with 2 holes at the top, made to fall at an interesting angle.
I think I left the torch on it just a split second too long,
not sure I like so much blue but it's lovely.
If anybody loves the blue let me know otherwise I'll be tumbling this one and trying again!

Below is everything I could fit in the kiln.

 The Paisley End caps bottom center are pre-order typically.
 I did get an order so I made 2 sets so one is available for immediate shipping if you like!



  1. I love the extra-blue shell and would gladly buy it from you! Just let me know how (I use PayPal)... I haven't made any jewelry in a while but know just how I'd use this one, for a piece I'd keep for myself!

  2. I love the blues Ktisti, partly because it goes so well with my beach glass. Love it all! You are so talented...

  3. I totally love the blue with copper! My absolute favorite color combo!

  4. These are all gorgeous! I LOOOOOVE the ammonite bail and the urchins are my favorites too! So pretty! xo Genea