Saturday, September 1, 2012

New Unfired Copper

I so was hoping to finish cleaning thes pieces and fire them last night but that didn't happen.
So tonight these will be fired and hopefully I can list some of them as well.

I've made this Ammonite Pendant before but this time, since I'm really in to mixing textures,
 I put a Tapestry Bail on it, I think it's going to be cool.

This is a new shell, I love it!
I haven't decided where to put the holes yet,
OR if I want to add a hidden bail...hhhmmm
What do YOU THINK?

Thanks for taking a look!
If anybody wants either of these pieces just let  me know and I'll reserve them for you.
As usual I will have lots of other smaller new and repeat components in the kiln as well.



  1. These are awesome looking pieces. I particularly like the first one with the bail. Can't wait to see it fired. You do such awesome work.

  2. I know I missed the opportunity but WOW these are gorgeous!!!!!