Monday, February 21, 2011

Coming Soon...PMC Components

I mentioned in an earlier Blog Post that I was considering making components out of Metal Clay to sell for others to create their own jewelry pieces from. I had a positive response to this post so decided to do take the plunge!! So I wanted to give a heads up to those who might be interested that within the next couple of days I will be adding a few components to my Etsy Shop. I have some made and ready to go and I have more different ones in the works, not quite ready to fire.

I can't tell you how many times I've heard people say they love Metal Clay but are afraid to try it, or they don't want the expense that is involved in beginning in Metal Clay, such as a kiln, while not absolutely necessary it sure is the easiest and best way to make quality pieces.

I shared some components with a few of my jewelry making friends for them to create with and we'll also be sharing those creations. I've had so much fun seeing what they create with these PMC Pieces.

So, here's a look at some of the components I will be listing soon.

As many of you know I love to make my jewelry look ancient and rustic. So I often purposely leave cracks and rough spots and my components will be no different, the little charms above are great examples of this.

This is a great pendant, a very unusual piece I really look forward to seeing what is created with this Bronze Pendant.

Another new pattern for me, a little more smooth around the edges but still plenty rustic.

At the moment I have mostly Bronze pieces created but plan on also having Silver and probably Copper pieces at some point.



  1. I'm looking forward to them. I'm hoarding the first bronze clay piece I bought. I got it from Summers Studio last August. :)

  2. I love them.
    I am interested to know if you can further patina bronze clay in the same manner as copper?

  3. Hi Jenni, you can to a certain extent. I've never been able to get the colors like I can on copper. These pieces were taken out of the kiln and tumbled for maybe 10 minutes.

  4. These are great Kristi! I especially love the round components. Stay tuned....
    Enjoy the day!

  5. Oh very cool! I'm excited that you decided to jump in, and can't wait to see your shop :)

  6. Grat idea!

    By the way I nominated you for the stylish blog award thingy :)

  7. Aren't you lovely Lou, thank you so much!!