Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is it Friday yet?

I hate to wish time to go fast but I do wish it was Friday!!! On that note, here are some pictures of my girls, pictures of some jewelry you may have seen before but I had the opportunity to take new pictures in actual sunlight, so pretty! AND some new goodies I'd like to share!

The girls in their favorite spot, looking out the window. I like this sillouette shot!

Here's a different shot!

Shasta, ears up on alert...what's out there?

Nothing new, just some pretty sunlight shots in Picasa Collage form!
Something so pretty about a Collage.

Received this new book today,
 ordered it some time ago and pretty much forgot it was coming.
AND it's got a DVD, I like that!

Beautiful Raku Angel Fish from
Also got those adorable Scrimshaw Turtles from this website.

Bullion, French Coil Wire.
She was very helpful to get me what I wanted.
I look forward to trying this instead of Wire Guards which I don't care for.

That's all folks!


  1. I love your collage. It's almost the best thing about Picassa. Have you tried the new Piknik function?

    I also have a little Raku Angel fish. I got for my focal in the Bead soup Blog exchange. He is soo cute!

  2. A lovely collage.

    I never knew there are different colours of french coil wire, thank you for telling :-D