Saturday, February 26, 2011

Metal Clay Components

As many of you have seen, I've been in the process of making Metal Clay Components to sell in my Etsy Shop. Well to day is the day!!!

I asked 3 Jewelry Designer friends to take some of my new Components and make their own creations with them. I could not be more tickled with the results. I am also including my wonderful Bead Soup partner that did a fantastic job using one of my Components in her Bead Soup necklace. I hope you enjoy seeing all the creations and share some love with all these amazing ladies and take a look at the new bits I have for sale.

Really difficult to know where to start they are all so gorgeous and each one so different!!

These stunning earrings (below) are the creation of Erin Prais-Hints of and here is her wonderful Blog. She paired my leaf shaped Silver charms with these wonderful lampwork beads, a perfect combination.

Then we have the amazing work of Gloria Ewing of Chrysalis Originals I just adore the earthy beads she chose to go with the Bronze Components she was given to work with.

And then we have a Beautiful Necklace created by Catherine Waterhouse of Shadow Dog Designs
She combines beautiful stones and copper wire with this Bronze Leaf Pendant. She calls this necklace "Dreaming of Belize" I think it suits it quite well.

Gloria Ewing created another fantastic piece using one of my tiny little charms, set off by big bold Trade beads, I absolutely love this look!!!

Here's a set of Elegant Earrings created by Cathering Waterhouse, the Silver Metal Clay squares with a cascade of blue she aptly calls "Waterfall", beautiful, delicate and uber elegant earrings.

Last but most certaily not least, my Bead Soup partner Shelby of SundownBeadDesign who took the beads I sent her, including the very bold Bronze Butterfly and created a masterpiece necklace.

There are no words to express how thankful I am to these artists for creating such beautiful work. Thank you my wonderful friends!!

I'd love to see what YOU would create with my PMC Components, check them out in my shop and see if there's something that strikes your fancy!!



  1. Kristi your work is fantastic! I love the "waterfall" earrings. The components have such great texture! All the pieces look great with your components.

  2. #209 here...Love what you did with you soup, great job...

  3. Thank you so much, Kristi, for allowing us to design with your components! I'm truly honored that you asked. It was so much fun and I love seeing what the others created. You are such a talented, generous person! Thank you once again.

  4. Wow Kristi I love your pc work, and the jewelry your friends made with the samples you sent them are awesome. That necklace sure is a a looker. A statement piece for sure.

  5. Fantastic! Your bronze components are just beautiful. I am DROOLING over that bronze butterfly. Seriously. I just had to wipe off my keyboard. ;-)

  6. Everyone did such a terrific job! It was made easier by having your components to work with. I know you will be very successful selling them to all the metal clay lovers like me:) Thank you so much, Kristi!

    Gloria Ewing

  7. Kristi, all of the designs turned out lovely!

  8. It is easy to design something pretty when you have such great components to work with! Thank you for sharing them with me, I am glad to be included in this company of artists!
    Enjoy the day.

  9. Wow, i so love the earthy designs! You all know how to combine colors and materials and these creations matched very well. This is outstanding! Each creation is very unique in their own little ways. Very well-made, indeed. You are such an inspiration to everyone who wants to make their own sets of jewelries too!:)