Saturday, February 19, 2011

Puerto Vallarta Part Dos

In my previous post Puerto Vallarta Part 1 I shared the beady finds I got in Puerto Vallarta when we visited last week. I can't believe how long it's taking me to get back in to the swing of things this week, this cold I was bless with the day we flew back isn't helping matters.

I've been thinking about how much I didn't realize I fill my daily life these days, after having been away for a week and trying to catch up it really made me very conscious of it. Even without the cold I'd probably still be feeling behind. This 3 day weekend I hope to get somewhat caught up.

Load of bronze in the kiln, that's a good first step. I've started this load a week or 2 before our trip I think so it's ready to be cooked!!! Some new shapes and textures in this load so I'll be really excited to see how they turn out. I've actually cleaned them and put holes in them since this picture, this was my BTW photo this week. Should have blogged it but see previous paragragh about trying to catch up lol!

Ok, this post is titled Puerto Vallarta so I guess I'd better get to the PV photos huh. I'm not like most people...I think when most people travel they get lots of people pictures, me at the beach, me at the, restaurant, us at get my drift. Well, I took around 1,000 pictures and only got 1 of me and my husband and 2 of our traveling companions. The rest are Pelicans, Sunsets, Beaches, etc etc etc. I'll have to try to do better at getting pictures of us next time.

Without any more blabbing here are some photos.

 I'll begin with what is I think THE picture of the trip, the Sunset with the Ship.

Then several other very nice sunset or near sunset photos.

And I adore this one!!! This fisherman, a very tiny little guy was fishing most of the time I was taking Pelican photos which I'll show next. These little bird is a Cattle Egret (there were actually 2) stood waiting patiently for little castoffs from the fisherman. The bird seemed to be in no hurry, he knew if he waited there would be plenty of spoils for him.

Here are the Pelicans, I had so much fun standing on the beach shooting these birds!! I honestly think I probably could have stood there for the entire day, but I had my very patient traveling companions waiting and they were kind enough to let me spend quite a long stretch taking pictures while they waited for me.

They often flew in groupings of 3-4 as well as alone, it was fun to start to be able to read them and anticipate when they were about to dive in to the ocean.

Here's one in a sudden change of direction, I'm fairly sure he was in the process of diving. My camera was challenged keeping up when I had it set to shoot continuously. Unfortunatly I don't know enough about photograghy to have my camera set properly so it was on Auto. I didn't want to miss getting as many decent shots as possible. Next time I'll know alot more!

Here's the group dive, they completely let themselves go when they dive, the 2 on the right are almost on their backs lol

This one flew right over my head, there were actually 2 but I just barely got this one in my sites before it was out of the frame again.

I hope even though I may not have given you traditional vacation photos of PV that y ou still enjoyed seeing them, I sure enjoyed taking them and sharing them with you.

Today I'm going to Ben Franklin to shop for beads, not only do I have a 20% off entire order coupon, I know the person who runs the bead section was at the Tuscon Bead Show so I'm hoping for some major scores!!! I'll either post about that or about my newly fired Bronze, one tomorrow and one on Monday in whatever order they end up. I like having lots of subjects to blog about and having to juggle them, doesn't often happen that way.

Thank you for taking a look!!



  1. Beautiful photography!! I didn't know Ben Franklin's still exists, I used to go there when I was a kid.

  2. Hi Rudi, I don't know how many there are but there is one locally. I didn't go for the longest time because in my mind they didn't have a good reputation for quality stone and beads, I don't know about other stores but the lady who runs this one does a great job!!

  3. Oh, what gorgeous photos!!! Love Puerto Vallarta, but haven't been back there for a long time....nice job.

  4. Wonderful photos! Sounds like you had a great trip. It's always hard catching back up.

  5. Fabulous photos Kristi - looking forward to seeing the cooked bronze!

  6. I can't wait to see what the bronze becomes!