Tuesday, July 3, 2012

WBW - Backyard Birds

My young Stellar's Jay, more blue and less fluff every time I take his picture.

More blue less fluff, might not even be the same one.
I see a dozen or more flying around at one time so there's bound to be several juveniles out there.

Love his mohawk, he's soooo cute!
And this one speakin it's mind!

And here's one ransacking my feeder.

Here's 4 lined up at the suet feeder,
 there was another one in the branches on the left but I just missed getting it in the picture.

Young American Robin!

I finally got a picture of a Northern Flicker in my yeard, above is the male.

And the pretty female!!

This Grosbeak freaks me out every time I see him at the suet feeder from a distance,
my heart races and I think it might finally be a Woodpecker.
He's taunting me!!

I chuckle every time I see one of these little ones in the chain link doing the splits.

Lots of young ones around.
Here's a very demanding young Starling who outweighs it's parent
 but is very clear what it wants.
They both barely fit on the top of the post.



  1. Beautiful photos! You've inspired me to try to photograph my backyard birds too!

  2. I love your bird pictures! You must really enjoy your backyard :)

  3. Such a great post. I have never seen these kind of birds before!
    Happy WBW to you!

  4. Great birds to have in your backyard. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  5. I love the "ransacking the feeder" photo! I enjoy these photos so much :)

  6. Beautiful shots of your backyard birds.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. fabulous photos; loving the mohawk jay!

  8. Such beautiful and interesting birds! The first one is really cool! /Susanne

  9. Lovely images - that Jay is certainly a punk Rocker

  10. Great collection of yardbirds. I love the pretty Grosbeak. Wonderful photos.

  11. Wonderful shots of your backyard visitors! The young jays are adorable.

  12. Love your photos .... I especially like the blue plumage of the stellar jay.


  13. Your bird photos always make me smile! =)

  14. You have a lot more variety in your backyard than I do in mine. I get mostly sparrows. Love that Stellar Jay with his Mohawk!

  15. Fabulous photos, Kristi! Enjoyed looking at each and everyone. Got a big chuckle at the jay ransacking the feeder - great capture w/ the seeds flying! Your backyard must be marvelous!

  16. What a wonderful series this is Kristi.
    I love the little mohawk on that sweet little one.

  17. The Stellar's Jay juvie photos are so darn cute Kristi!!! Super shots of both the male and female Northern Flickers too! Do you think they are nesting there also? What a treat!

  18. Such adorable creatures , the little fellow doing the splits had me smiling too :)