Friday, July 13, 2012

Working on...

Copper, headpins and beads.
Trying hard to get them ready to fire tonight otherwise I might have to wait a couple days,
I don't want to have to wait!!!

I'm having lots of fun with these beads but they take so much time.
I think this Ammonite one is going to ROCK!!

And a cute little Sea Urchin Bead!

Paisley Leaf Headpins
(paisley on both sides)

These Round Headpins have Paisley on one side and Houndstooth on the other,
I love these 2 textures together, one soft and feminine one hard and angular!

I have lots of other stuff to fire too!!



  1. Beautiful, even before they are fired! I love the headpins, especially the paisley leafs.

  2. Hope you get them fired - can't wait to see them! You're right, the ammonite bead is going to rock BIG time!

  3. Most definitely...they're works of art. Truly, well done.

    Just wanted you to know that I added a linky to my newest bird photos today. If you'd care to stop by and leave a link. And perhaps if you know of anyone who loves birding--let them know of the new birding meme I set up for a weekly run---The Bird D'Pot. Stop by if you can. And have a glorious week.

    I'd Rather B Birdin'