Tuesday, July 24, 2012

WBW - Red Tailed Hawk

Juvenile Red Tailed Hawk

Juvenile Red Tailed Hawk

Juvenile Red Tailed Hawk

I've also been lucky enough to get a juvenile Flicker being fed by it's mother.
It was a very quick moment and I barely got this photo through the window,
an action shot for sure!
 The funny thing is he was having a nice meal at the Suet feeder
and she made him stop so she could feed him.

Male Juvenile Flicker and Mama.

AND my Female Downy Woodpecker (below) is getting lots of screen time,
I'm happy to say I see her more than once a day now,
 I only wish she'd bring some friends, but maybe I'm asking for too much.
Maybe one day!

Female Downy Woodpecker

She goes from the bird feeder to the suet feeder and back again
 and once in awhile stops on this old branch I have attached to the top of my chain link
 which is smack dab in front of my camera! Isn't she generous!
What a cutie!

Juvenile Nuthatch

Another action shot,
a Juvenile Nuthatch finished taking a drink and he's ready for lift off!

Thanks for visiting me on the new
Wild Bird Wednesday.



  1. I love WBW! You get the best pictures!!!!

  2. Oh my but these are just fabulous photos.

  3. Fabulously calendar worthy pics! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great set of pictures - I love you to link up - maybe it was just a short tern problem.

    There are some images to help people link under the WBW tab on my blog.

    Stewart M – Australia

  5. Oh, yay! What fab captures you got of the hawk - am glad he/she stayed around. It will be interesting to see the changes the juvie goes through. Also love the nuthatch photo (heck, love them all!). Such movement - feel like it could fly right out of my computer screen!