Thursday, July 5, 2012

Headpins, Shields, Beads...

Just Listed!
I'm really excited about these new pieces!

These wonderful Snakeskin Beads are quite time intensive,
 I'll probably only list them as made to order only,
and they won't be cheap.
 unless I can figure out a way to shave some of the work off.
I made the 6 pair above as a special order and realized I really should have upped the price.
Live and Learn eh?

Finally, Copper Headpins!!!

Delicious stamped leaves, I made them as earring pair,
they are on the large side so they aren't for the feint of heart!

These large Copper Shield Focals,
4 different textures shown here.
You'll be seeing more of these I love them so much!

Somebody requested I do my Bamboo texture in something other than a square,
I recently added them in rectangle and now here are some in an oval shape.

Look for these to show up in my Etsy Shop tomorrow
July 6th.



  1. Beautiful work! Love them all!

  2. Kristi, just love your new work. I can see the attention and skill that you put in to each piece. I think my favorites are those beautiful shields.

  3. Couldn't resist the leaves. Wow!