Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pip Watch Starts Today

Tomorrow will be day 15 since the eggs were laid which is the average incubation time for Violet-Green Swallows so it's possible some of them could start hatching today.

I got in to the nest yesterday when mom was gone and took some pictures, it's very difficult to get a decent picture in that small space.

Watch this space, I hope to have lots of new video of tiny little babies soon!



  1. Oh! Those feathers surrounding those little eggs! They remind me of the piece I just created with Thomas Mann at Bead and Button. I wrote about it on the Art Bead Scene blog today. Have a look! I am fascinated and will come back to check out the progress! Enjoy the day. Erin

    1. Aren't they amazing!! Mama love her feathers, she still brings feathers in every day. The feather bed is probably 4-5 inches deep. Thank you so much Erin!

  2. Looks a very cosy nest with all those feathers. it will be wonerful to see the babies hatch adn be fed.