Sunday, June 28, 2015

Violet-Green Swallow - Day 10-11 Wild Bird Wednesday

Video from day 10 as seen through the nest camera.
Lots of feathers and quite a bit of preening going on.
They are growing so fast!

I decided to get in to the nest one last time and I'm sure it will be the last time, not that I've done it.
The nest bowl inside, has collapsed so when I opened the side  of the box there they were!
They were chirping at first and then when they realized it wasn't mom or dad they hushed.
I figured the safest thing was to take a picture from the side and close it up quickly so I wouldn't take a chance of one tumbling out.

Lots of open eyes!!!

Violet-Green Swallow babies hatched on 6/17/15.
Approximate fledge time 7/11/15 give or take a day or so on either side.



  1. Fantastic to see how they have grown, it will not be too sonn before they fledge

  2. Adorable baby birds, they are precious!

  3. Such cute babies.

  4. I love this, just love Swallows and being able to view them like that, whoosh! If you have times stop by, my blog is 6 years old ;)