Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Violet-Green Swallow Eggs!

Yes we have eggs!!! Five eggs now in my Violet-Green Swallow nest!

5 beautiful eggs, laid May 27-28 2015
That means they should hatch around June 17th.

Mama checking out the camera!

Dad showing off his beautiful Violet Backside!

He let me get about 10 feet from him, not bothered by people much at all.

Next week I might have video of the little ones breaking out of their shell.



  1. What a verybeautiful Swallow. Never seen that one before and gr eeat shot of Mamaon her nest and also of the eggs

  2. Gosh the eggs are so small. Lovely images.

  3. Yay! And what gorgeous birds they are! Nice shots!

  4. They are pretty swallows, cool sighting of the eggs and the swallows.

  5. Ooh...how exciting! Can't wait to see your baby bird photos! The adults are so pretty with those wonderful colors!