Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hello Ceramic Goodbye Stainless

I've been working on a new batch of copper most of the afternoon and will probably fire tonight in my shiny new Ceramic Firing Container. Before I do that I wanted to take a nice portrait of it in pristine condition. I have no doubt it will hold up better than the stainless container (I'm including a picture of that one too) but surely it will have some wear and tear over time as it does it's job.

Here are the copper pieces I have done so far, will probably try to do a few more so I can have a full kiln load. Some of the favorites, sunburst, paisley and lace flower rounds, and some new sea urchin in round, adorable little bees, leaves and flowers and a funky mod pattern. The photo is distorted, I don't know why and I can't seem to fix'll get the idea :)

Hello Gorgeous...

Beautiful new Ceramic Firing container, my gorgeous new paper makes a pretty back drop don't ya think?

Bye bye old Stainless container, you did a good job for me but it's time for you to go!! I won't miss the black soot that gets all over everything each time I fire you.

R. I. P



  1. I've done lots of PMC in silver but haven't tried the bronze. Your pieces are amazing!!!

  2. Love those pieces your working on...especially the leaves...soo cute.Can't wait to to see themm after they're done... :-)

  3. Anything that makes you feel better about the process is awesome but I have to say the ceramic is gorgeous and those components OH MY!