Saturday, April 30, 2011


Lately I've really been trying to come up with some packaging that I think has some WOW factor but isn't too expensive or time consuming. I'm really liking what I'm working on right now and of course in the creative stages it's very time consuming but I think I've got it so as time goes by I will streamline the process and I think it looks fantastic!

First find some amazing heavy paper or card stock, there are so many choices out there thanks to Scrapbooking at Michaels and Paper Zone and Joanne's and all those other crafty stores. I in fact had a terrible time buying only a few, I bought more than I should but they are all so amazing!

Here's a couple of the ones I chose, in different sizes...

Whatever choices you make, you want to start with a square. Find or create a rectangle that fits in the center of the square similar to what you see below, cut notches at each corner. One thing I've discovered, if you cut the notches just a little bigger than 90% they lay much nicer and look finished. I've made templates out of heavier stock that I use to lay on top of the actual decorative paper and cut the notches out of 2-3 pieces at a time.

Once the notches are cut, from the inside, take a ruler or some rigid object across the notches and score the flaps so the corners over lap in the center. I've made some larger ones that I can put jewelry pieces in and much smaller ones for components.

Slip the items inside (wrap with tissue paper and/or foam wrap for protection first) and tie with yarn or raffia or you can use a sticker to close them. I'm contemplating adjusting the design a bit so I can put a hold at the closing flap and tie something all the way through to really secure it well.

 I think they turn out so beautiful considering how really simple they are and hopefully will surprise and impress whoever opens them on the other side. Just a little something extra, which can mean so much!



  1. Hi Kristi, i am sure the person on the receiving end will really appreciate your time spent, i know when i get an order i really love opening a package that was wrapped with a little extra tlc ttfn L:)

  2. Good Luck,
    I've been doing the same thing this week. I sent something out in a new package that I really like. I also am looking for something that speaks my business and logo, but is easy to put together as well. Good luck in your searching..I like the colors you're working with.

  3. I can vouch for how lovely your packaging is!

  4. Wow...very simple but it makes a wonderful statement! I am (slowly) getting to the point of opening an Etsy shop and have been looking at ways to package my items...this is just great. Thanks for posting this!

  5. Hey Kristi! I notice your packaging 1st thing when I received my goodies. I LOVE the envelope! Lisa S

  6. Sweet! Thanks for sending me this Kristi : )

    Patty from

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