Saturday, April 16, 2011

Paper Zone Adventure

Just returned from my first trip to Paper Zone, but not my last. Let me tell ya, this place rivals a bead store. I could have spent quite a bit more time there but my husband was waiting in the car for me. Little did I know he was fast asleep lol. Oh well, next time I'll go all by myself.

My main goal was to find some unusual tissue paper to use in packaging my Jewelry and Components when they are being sent to new homes. They didn't have a huge selection but they had a few that I really liked so, expect to see this tissue when you receive my designs in the future.

I've also been wanting to fold really unusual and beautiful card stock paper in to handmade envelopes. They actually had some all cut and scored ready to be folded, I got a couple designs I really liked, but they will probably be used for templates. The one in the center is my favorite, I love the color and design!


The next photo was taken with my cell phone so it's not very good. But you see why I took it, rows and rows of big sheets of gorgeous handmade paper!!!!

This is the 1 sheet of handmade paper I chose, my plan is to use it as tissue paper but I'm not sure I want to cut it up...we'll see. It's gorgeous!!!

That's my Paper Zone adventure, lots of fun!!

Until next time!!



  1. Oh they are gorgeous papers! I am so glad you had fun shopping and all your customers get the benefits! (as you can see I am catching up on all that I have missed lately...sorry it took so long)

  2. I agree!!! Looks like Heaven - I have SHEETS of paper I but for something then can't bring myself to cut up! WTH??? It's like bead hoarding I suppose.

    patty from