Tuesday, April 26, 2011

BTW April 27, 2011

This time I finally got to this early, I've missed the last couple of times when I wait for Wednesday. I have quite a load of bronze components ready to be cleaned up, shaped and holes put in them, then they'll get tossed in the kiln and fired. I'm hoping maybe some night this week so they are ready to start listing Friday and in to the weekend.

I got some new and different Sea Urchins so I've been having fun pulling textures off of them and figuring out how to make different shapes and patterns. I do love them, the texture is just wonderful!

I'm also learning to make multiples of what seems to be your favorites, I'd love to keep my shop stocked with them all the time if possible.

Ammonite Rounds, Sea Urchin Ovals, new Sea Urchin squares and long squigglies, 2 different Sea Urchin rounds and top right I tried to add touches of copper to the Mod Circles Round.

Here's a close up of one of the new larger Sea Urchin Rounds, and 3 pair of Paisly Squares.

Love the Sea Urchin Squares and long squigglies (need to think of a name for those) and the new Sputnik Sea Urchin rounds center bottom.

Yet one more view, I'm really pleased with this batch!

Look for them by Friday (I hope) and throughout the weekend in the DIY Section of my Etsy Shop.

And check out all the other artists participating in BTW on Flickr



  1. LOVE the seas urchins!

    Lisa Staten

  2. Love the paisley rectangles, the sea urchin squares are awesome, I love the 2 circles in the upper left of the picture too. Awesome!
    The long squiggles look like bacon :-P

  3. I love the sea urchin rounds! Fantastic. I finally wrote my BTW post early too, but just set it to automatically post at 6:00 a.m. on Wed. If I wait until Wed. it often doesn't get done. Glad I'm not alone in this.

  4. More fabulous pieces! I love the sea urchins for summer! ~Val

  5. The squigglies can be sea slugs, or Nudibranchs. :D Love your work! :D