Friday, August 5, 2011

Almost ready for the kiln and some beads too

Still a little bit of cleaning up to do on all these new copper pieces but I'm close, I've been working all week on these. My goal is to have the kiln going by the time I go to bed tonight. I'm doing some re-stocking of favorites plus lots of new. Some large pendants in this batch and the pieces I plan to use in the
 Inspired by Tiger Lillies challenge.

I also purchased some very cool wood and other beads at JoAnn fabrics, see them at the end of this post.

New Large pendants.

A new texture I'm really loving, you'll see more of it!

Stained Glass texture in a new design.

My inspired by Tiger Lillies Pieces.

Beads from Joann, look at those great shapes in the wood beads
 and the faceted "stone" looks like turquoise but marked as stone
 and way too expensive but I couldn't resist it. The polished stone at the bottom
is no slacker either, I think it's Jasper of some kind.

Oh ya!!

So please check back throughout the weekend
 and I'll be listing lots of this new Copper in my Etsy Shop



  1. Love your new pieces - can't wait to see them fired! Cool beads from JoAnn - love the blue faceted ones!

  2. More beauties will be coming out of the kiln soon. Wish there was a JoAnne near us! They often have rocking beads, as you have shown! Am pretty sure the turquoise is magnesite dyed to look like turquoise. Very pretty! And the bottom stone is a jasper, sometimes called "nature's paintbrush jasper" or "Chinese dendritic jasper". Have a great weekend, Kristi!

  3. Wow, those beads from JoAnne's are great! Found you from Lisa's Pretty Things blog and I'm sure I've seen you around on some of the photography challenges I do to!