Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Heart Macro Clematis

Most of these pictures were taken a few weeks ago when my white Clematis was in full bloom. I'm going to start with the most recent picture of the what I guess is the seed head, they are amazing and they change even more so in the next few weeks I'll they will be a new I Heart Macro feature they are extremely cool! Then I'll be sharing a number of photos of the flowers at their prime, amazingly beautiful, perfect flowers for macro shots.

Don't miss the very last few pictures, it is that amazing Balloon Flower
 that was the subject of last weeks I Heart Macro.

This started to open yesterday,
 looks like it will be white even though in this photo it has a yellow tone.

Don't miss all the other amazing Macro shots by my talented friends at
 Studio Waterstone.

studio waterstone



  1. Gorgeous shots! I love the center photos and the ruffled edge of the petal! Awesome!

  2. The white on those clematis is so pure and clean looking, the balloon flower is beautiful, I think i had them in my garden before, wonder what became of them, HHmmmm....

  3. Wonderful photos, Kristi! Almost like the structure of clematis without the petals as much as with, like in your first photo. And the balloon flower is close-up is fab!

  4. These are wonderful pictures! That balloon flower is so dainty and sweet. clematis are one of my favorite flowers. I love the ruffles and the centers are so different than most flowers.

  5. These are so beautiful!! My mom had some clematis in our yard when I was growing up, and I remember being entranced by the seedheads. Great shots!

  6. I have a few clematis, and have seen that familiar tangle, but never knew it was a seed head. Brilliant! I love your photos!

  7. Beautiful, love all the different textures of the flowers in their different stages.

  8. The white Clematis is beautiful! The first one is really cool. I like the blue flower too. Very pretty!

    Have a great week!

  9. Beautiful shots! I love seeing the different shades of white.

  10. Wonderful, Kristi. I had clematis on my i heart macro a couple of weeks ago. Love 'em!