Friday, August 19, 2011

More Bead Soup

I couldn't stand it,
 I had to send my partner just one more piece so I can sleep at night.
 So I'm mailing it off today!!

I also wanted to share with you this special order piece that didn't survive firing.
 It's pretty cool anyway but I'll have to try again for sure!!
 I don't think I've ever had anything crack this bad.



  1. Ok, I know that's technically a failure, but I really love it! I think the crack makes it unique. Your work is so lovely, the cracks just don't even take away from it. Maybe you need to do a "booboo" contest and see what people could make from them. :)

  2. So sorry about the crack. It was a lovely piece! So disappointing.

    I received my bead soup package yesterday! Yay!

  3. Hey Kristi, my "Bead Soup" partner is also named Kristi at first i thought it was you i was jumping around like a fool......then i realized it was another Kristi all the way from Africa she is new to our Blogging family & makes lovey headbands and some jewelry i can't wait to see what she sends me it's my first partisipation in the party and i am so excited.
    take care and enjoy your weekend ttfn Lana :)

  4. That's nice you sent something you can sleep well tomorrow!
    Shame about your cracked would hav been lovely. Can you cut it up and use anyway?

  5. LOL! Maybe I should send another something too? I love everything you sent and you didn't need to send anything else. But, I am also excited to see what it is. I need to try for some ammonite squares or shopping spree too, but I guess that's kind of greedy of me.

    I think the cross is pretty awesome. It has more character and meaning than a plain one...

  6. As far as the cracked piece, could you punch some holes and wire the boo-boo together? Might end up being a kind of interesting look???

  7. After looking at your work I have no doubt you will find a way to use it and make the imperfection into a design element.

    Warm regards,