Sunday, August 28, 2011

Garage Sale Find

My husband and I spent a few hours doing the garage sale hop.  The one and only thing we/I found was at one of the first ones we stopped at, the rest of them didn't have anything even remotely tempting. We even just did drive by's on several of them.

I've been looking for an old book for some time to use as texture on my metal, I should be able to roll the PMC out right on to the book. Old books have so much character. This is an old very old King James Bible with what I think is a leather binding. It's got lovely tooling on it front and back. It's also got an inscription inside from 1864. This poor book is in pretty bad shape but I think it's so cool!! I'll have to research the names a bit and see what I might find.

The front is not attached to the binding, poor old book has been around for a long time.



  1. Although I'm not sure how you'll use that for texture on your metal, it looks like it will be wonderful. I love the look of the front cover.

  2. Love the book cover - simply awesome!! :)

  3. Wow! That is quite a find. BTW, do you ever make polymer clay impressions and use those for molds?

  4. That is a wonderful find Kristi, can you just imagine the adventures the old bible has had!

  5. I have several old books with "character" - you can only imagine its previous owner(s). You should be able to make amazing pieces with this!

  6. Awesome and it adds character to your pieces although they are quite awesome on their own!