Friday, September 9, 2011


I thought I'd share my most recent goodies today.

Above, yummy Urchin Clay beads from BlueBerriBeads
through the Beads of Clay shop on Etsy. 

Khaki Porcelain beads with white flowers from Lundela
Also through the Beads of Clay shop on Etsy

Finally got some beads from Loupiac
 I chose a gorgeous set of Blue and Brick and they are stunning!

More yummy Clay beads, a nice earthy assortment from ChelleV2

Agate beads, I love all the amazing patterns on them all.
Earthtone, Blue and Caramel Crackle and White Black and Gray Faceted
All from SimsonStudios

I have a few more sets coming from over seas I can't wait to get them and share.

Lots of Copper in the tumbler this morning, hope to list and share tonight when I get home from work.



  1. Oh, what a lovely post! And now I'm jonesing for more beads too ;)

  2. Great stash Kristi - I love Caroline's little clay urchins they're just so cute! Must go and investigate some of the other shops :0)

  3. Kristi love your treasure of new beads. Have fun creating with them.

  4. Love, love, love the khaki porcelain.
    Just gorgeous!

  5. O-o-o-, I found some new vendors on your post here. Oh goodie, more ways to empty my wallet!