Saturday, September 24, 2011

Experimentation Part 3

So after getting my headpins out of the kiln with quite good results I might add,
 I decided to go a step further and try to torch fire some enamel on them.
I think I'm going to be doing lots of experimenting with this!!

Yummy huh?!?!?!

This was the very first one I tried,
 can you imagine the Happy Dance that this created!!!
I started with my little cheap butane torch and dipped it 3 times...I think, it's all a blurr really!
I want to do this again!!!!!!!!!!

For these I pulled out my big Barbara Lewis Painting With Fire
 Burnzomatic Mapp Gas torch,
they are very pretty too, in a much more subtle way.
Accept for......

On the end of one of them are these....
very cool...
dot sort of things...
that almost look like sequins.
How did I do that?????
Good question.

This last one is an attempt to recreate my first one by going back to my little torch,
 cool, but not as spectacular as the first.

Good thing I'm going to a Barbara Lewis class in Portland next week.
Maybe I'll find out why I got some of these results so I can do it again!



  1. Looking forward to taking the class with you Kristi. Love your experiments!

  2. Those turned out great. I haven't tried torch enameling yet. (Actually haven't even fired my torch yet. Fire and I don't get along very well.) :) But after seeing all the great things everyone is doing with them, I'm so anxious to try, once it cools down a little here in Texas. Still 100-101 this weekend.

  3. Very nice stones in varied hues and the colors and they would make any jewelry come to life.

  4. Hi Kristi, i just love the enamal ones, i just received a packaged of enamaled components from Anne and they are abso fabu...i look forward to seeing them in your shop soon...i hope you are feeling better these days, my herb guy never did come back he moved away LOL anyway take care and enjoy your weekend ttfn Lana :)

  5. Those are gorgeous! I tried torch enameling on my butane torch and got really muddy results. I'm going to give it another go with Mapp gas soon. You are so motivating!

  6. wow! I stopped for the soup,(yeah, I'm lateI'll just reheat it myself, thank)but I had to read, & comment on these. they are great, fabulous results

  7. Awesome! You're killing me. Now I want to try this. :) They're gorgeous!

  8. Funny, I just looked at Barbara's site this morning for the first time. (torch firing enamels appeals to me).
    Your pins turned out great this way, so cool. Nice experimenting!

  9. Great work! It sounds like it is very tricky to make matching headpins!!! ~Val

  10. I'm trying to catch up on my blog reading after the bead soup party and have seen your experiments thus far.
    These are so very cool. I especially like the one you tried to recreate. There's so much texture and depth to it. Well done!