Saturday, September 24, 2011

Experimentation Part 2

Partial success, I'm actually quite happy with the results,
 enough to have another go and do some things different.
 The main problem seems to be the wire,
 I've never tumbled wire (not to mention fired wire in the kiln) before
 so I just tossed them all in the tumbler with everything else.
 I think maybe all I need to do is wind them all up so they aren't sticking out every which way.
 Check out my original Experimentation for the before pictures, here are the after pictures.

Ammonite, of course my favorite by far,
 1 fairly severe break in the wire but I think there's plenty to play with!!!

The worst breakage of the bunch,
 one is totally intact the other basically no wire to work with at all.

These were the very first sets I tried, they've been sitting around for a few months.
Basically just blobs of clay with very slight texture.
 I quite like them and think I'll definitely use them.
 One wire broke but I think there's enough to work with.

You won't be seeing any of these in my Etsy Shop
But watch for them in the not too distant future,
I hope......



  1. The one broken one you can just make a simple loop in so you don't have to scrap it. They could be simple drops.
    How come the wire breaks? Can you use a thicker gauge? This is totally coming from someone with zero experience with her kiln.

  2. I think they're awesome! The little "blobs" look like delicious freshwater pearls :)

  3. I am really loving these!!! Would be fabulous on any piece of jewelry!!! Do let us know when they go to ETSY!!!