Monday, September 19, 2011

Big News

At least I think it's big news, kind of scary and very exciting. Today is the first day of my new 4 day work week. My regular extra day off will be Monday, I hope it's going to free up alot of creative time for me as well as time to take better care of myself and do things I never have time to do any more. I've got to work even harder to make sure I provide lots of wonderful goodies that people like so I can make it work. After nearly 12 years in this job, 40 hours a week, it feels like a big step to cut my hours even by 1 day.

So today, I hope to list lots of goodies I've had stacked up over the last couple of weeks. Plus the batch I fired last night. My first listing on my brand new day off are these lovely leaves, I've had them made for quite some time and decided this was a good time to share them!
Don't forget about the Bead Soup Blog Hop Party, I'm still working through the list myself. My goal is to do about 40-50 per day so it's gonna take awhile. I'll have a BSBP 2011 Page/Tab at the top of my blog for at least the next couple of months so if you loose track of the list it's there for you.



  1. Bir Step but GOOOD FOR YOU for going for it!!!! I am still trying to keep myself to a regular schedule here at home and treat my basement studio like a regular job- big battle!!! We CAN DO THIS!! Love these new leaves by the way!!!
    Best of luck- YOU CAN do this!!!

  2. Great news Kristi, good luck with it! x

  3. That is exciting Kristi! I wish I could do that with my day job but I am not quite ready yet. Good luck and enjoy your additional freedom for creating!!! ~Val

  4. Good luck! I don't have a "day job" but am so busy most of the days I still can't accomplish much. If you can make a schedule and stick with it, you'll do GREAT!

  5. Great news on the day off from the 'day job' - it'll work out fine and you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner! :)