Friday, September 2, 2011

Shop Update tomorrow

I'm putting the finishing touches on my second batch of Copper this week.
As always I've tried to create some new twists.
 I'm excited to see how they turn out.
 After this post I'm gonna be trying to get them cleaned up and in the kiln.

I hope you see something you like!



  1. That's the problem Kristi, I always see stuff I like! That heart is really cool. Can't wait for the finished pic!

  2. Can I say I love them all. But the first batch (rectangular) really gets me drooling. Will have to check your shop after the kiln firing.

  3. I'm addicted. I think the new pieces will be really cool!

  4. I love them all and am curious to see them when you are finished. I really like the rectangle and heart shaped ones.

  5. Oh Oh Oh you know I saw stuff I like I just wish the budget was there to partake in my favorites!