Sunday, August 8, 2010

Copper and Bronze

I've got a load of Copper and Bronze in the kiln, just about ready to come out. I used the Polymer Clay Caning technique to combine them to make the "coins" I've used in a new necklace design I've been making. This process is still experimental for me, this time I only combined the rods 4 times. The first time I did it several more times which gave a very fine grain effect.

Here they are in the green state, I purposely left the edges very rough and rustic. A couple of these almost have the look of a flower, maybe in the future I will try to create that look.

Here they are after being fired along with a few of the other pieces I made, straight out of the kiln with virtually no clean up. You can just get a hint of some of the beautiful colors that come straight out of the kiln, wish I could save them...

Here they are after minimal clean up, just some fairly light brushing under water, now I get to decide what to do to finish. If I tumble them alot of the color and rustic look will go away.

I really love them, they don't look like flowers any more but they are quite different than the first ones I made.

Here they are after half an hour or so in the tumbler. You can really see the texture created by the slight difference in shrinkage between the Copper and Bronze.

Here's a picture of the first batch of coins I made, I worked the cane alot more on these.

And made in to a Necklace.

Kristi Bowman


  1. Beautiful collection - can't wait to see what you put these ones with!

  2. Thank you Caron!! I have a couple of really good options, going to be tought to choose!!

  3. Beautiful, Kristi. I think the "coins" in the 3rd & 4th pic have an animal print look.

  4. Thanks Michele, I think so too. Very different from the first set I made, I like them both. It's pretty fun to experiment with this stuff!!