Thursday, August 12, 2010

Earth Drums Necklace

I've discovered a new Lampwork artist, her gorgeous beads work perfectly with my style!!

I've been creating a new "Coins" necklace and as it turns out this new set of beads I got from Fira Marina are a great match! I've played with this for several days, re-stringing with different combinations and I think this is the final product. Check out my Copper and Bronze blog post to see how these coins were made.

I'll be listing this necklace in the next few days.

I've also recently purchased some stunning beads from Kelley's Beads it is a work in progress as well, not far along enough to share pictures. So bright and colorful in oranges and yellows, I'm combining them with Turquoise and I think the results are going to be really fun!! Here they are!



  1. Have just discovered Fira Marina, too! So beautiful and unique! Haven't ordered anything yet, but will soon . . . Gorgeous necklace, as always, Kristi! So earthyy and organic - am into that lately and you capture it perfectly :)

  2. Thank you!! Some of the approved comments have not shown up on the blog yet, so if you've made a comment I apologize if it's not here. Hopefully they will show up soon. Thanks again!