Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My girls

One of my rare non jewelry related posts, I just had to share my beautiful girls with the world.

This is Ginger and Shasta, 2 Long Hair Miniature Dachshunds and their favorite thing these days is eating yogurt I've put in to ice cube trays and frozen. I can't open the freezer without them watching me like a hawk. They used to think regular ice cubes were pretty cool but now they won't eat those until they are sure that's all that's comin.

I snapped a couple of pictures to share. My little cuties!!

It was tough to get this shot cause they kept jumping up lol! That's Ginger with her nose close to the camera and little Shasta being very proper!

Shasta and Ginger, trying to be patient!

Shasta says finally, nom nom nom...

Just a couple more bites...

Caught Ginger with her tongue out, still gorgeous!

She took this piece and swallowed it whole, gulp!


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