Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Decisions Decisions.....

I'm still trying to decide if this is a finished piece or not, this jewelry making is tough stuff!!! When I was playing with my newest delivery of beads and taking pictures I decided I HAD to play with the Turquoise and gorgeous chocolatey brown Bone Tube Beads.

No time at the moment to make a new PMC pendant so I looked through what I already have done to see if there's anything I haven't used or maybe needed re-worked. I found this wonderful Bronze Leaf pendant that I actually had made in to a Lornette, but I decided I needed to use it in a new way. The Lornette was ok but the turquoise and bone were calling out for it!! Oh and let's not forget the amazing Lampwork beads called "Weathered" by Beadaddicts OH YA!!

Often it's during the photo process that I really decide if I'm happy...I'm still deciding. The pendant is quite long which makes taking photos a little more difficult, do I want to leave it long or shorten it up...decisions decisions.

Ok, now I'm off to water the garden and ponder this necklace.


PS, I removed the lampwork from the pendant and it didn't work so I added it back on, finished it with unusual wood end caps and listed it. Tribal Leaf Necklace


  1. Love it! I also have a problem sometimes with the "done key".

  2. Love it, Kristi! The colors are gorgeous.

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  4. I think it's beautiful, Kristi. Love the southwest colors.