Saturday, August 28, 2010

This that and the other

I received 3 packages yesterday, a great way to begin the weekend.

A Pakcage from Amazon, one from Rio Grande and one from Indian Creek Art Glass

I got a sweet little hand held cordless Dremel, we used it in Hadar's class! I love my big flex shaft but there are so many jobs where this will be easier.

I got loads of finishing attachments, I learned tons about doing a better job of finishing my pieces in Hadar's class.
Steel brush wheels
Abrasive mini fiber wheels
Diamond Bur set
Slotted Mandrel
Baldwins Patina
Tube maker attachment for my extruder
My first purchase from Indian Creek Art Glass
GORGEOUS Rustic Copper Green Lampwork beads
I seem to be leaning heavily towards blues these days.


  1. I want parcels aswell *gg
    Great stuff you got there. Have fun playing with it.

  2. I LOVE those beads! Yumaliscious!

    I was just looking at Dremels on Amazon this morning. Thanks for sharing which one you have.

  3. New tools = a great day ahead of you! Have fun playing :)

  4. I love that Dremel. I keep it upstairs for when I don't want to run out to the flexshaft in the sunroom studio.

  5. The second blog I've read today about that Dremel. It must be a really cool tool!

  6. Ooooh - I'd love a little dremel like that! Kool parcels to receive - almost like Christmas!

  7. Great new tools!!! I'm sure you will have fun with these!

  8. Even when you know what's coming, it still seems like a surprise when you get. Thanks for sharing it...loved seeing those tools, and the blue beads are gorgeous.