Sunday, August 15, 2010

My garden tour

Yesterday I noticed a cool spiderweb on my gorgeous hot pink Bougainvilla, I've been meaning to take a picture of it anyway so I thought this was a perfect opportunity.

This next picture is what's left of an enormous white Clamatis once the flower is done, they evolve in to this fluffy little whirlwind as the summer ends. I hope to electroform one of them one day.

This is a Japanese Anemone, it was a mystery for me until I took a cutting to my local nursery and they told me what it is. A great woodland plant!

Hydrangea of course, a lovely purple with little white tufts in the center and what almost look like little blue berries. Such a pretty flower!

Bright yellow Balloon Flower (I think), I have them in purple and white as well.

One of my favorites, beautiful petite little pink flowers of Coral Bells, this one has varigated leaves which I always choose if I hate the option. The hummingbirds love them too!!

A huge Fushia flower on a huge plant in a hanging basket, this is the biggest plant I've ever had and I LOVE IT!!

Couldn't be out in the yard without the girls, here's Ginger posing in front of the whiskey barrell. Shasta was too busy running around to stop for picture taking.

Another shot of Ginger posing, this shows a good portion of the front yard. We live on a little over an acres, it's wonderful!!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed my little garden tour.

Kristi Bowman


  1. what a gorgeous garden! I'm in serious envy!

  2. Thank you Lea!! We are very lucky to have this place and are working hard to make it amazing!!