Saturday, August 25, 2012

I Heart Macro - Opportunist

All of these plants I think came from what the squirrels buried when they feed on my bird feeders.
This is the silk on an ear of corn, looks like a nice head of hair doesn't it,
I have always loved the silk on corn!
There are 3 ears on this plant maybe I'll have to plant it on purpose next year.

This is the stalk of a corn, didn't know it was hairy too!

And of course a beautiful Sunflower, this one is very small, maybe 4-5 inches.

I hope you enjoyed my Opportunistic photos today!


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  1. I love the corn silk hair also but had overlooked the stems as well - nicely captured. As for sunflowers, they are always such a delightful sight aren't they.

  2. These are great photos, Kristi! I esp. love the stalk of corn! You always have such great photos!

  3. Lucky you..I love it when surprise plants pop up in the garden.. and yes, I did think it was going to be hair of some description!

  4. Love the up close of the corn hair. Being on a dairy farm that grows cow corn I see it every day, but not like this! great photo's..I'm now following you. Have a wonderful week..

  5. Beautiful macros Kristi. The corn makes me homesick for my little mid-western rural town!

  6. Nice shots! Amazing details in all of them, but the sunflower is my favorite.

  7. Amazing shots. Great gifts from the squirrels ...

  8. I thought at first it was horse hair! Lovely macros!