Saturday, August 4, 2012

I Heart Macro - Japanese Anemone

Last year I had some "landscapers" come and weed my garden as I had been having some health issues prior to this and didn't keep up with my weeding.
They pulled my Japanese Anemone and I was crushed,
I searched every nursery in my area and couldn't find any more.
they hadn't done a really good job pulling it out because after a few months it began to grow again,
a year later I'm getting my first blooms!!!


I love the Hydrangea above, it almost looks like fireworks,
small sizzling fireworks in the center and big booming fireworks coming out from them!

Take a look at the other



  1. Beautiful shots Kristi! Yay for the flowers coming back!

  2. I'm happy your Japanese Anemone came back - it's very pretty. Your Hydrandgea's always make me drool; you capture their color and delicate nature so perfectly. You're right, the last shot does remind one of fireworks - way cool!!

  3. So glad they held on, life is tenacious! Love the hydrangeas as always, my favorites!

  4. Gorgeous macros! Love that bottom one. It does look like little fireworks!

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  5. Gorgeous photos! I'm so glad the Japanase Anemone survived! I love the Hygrangeas and have always wanted to plant some. Unfortunatly I've got a brown thumb.