Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wild Bird Wednesday

I missed posting my birds last week and I did MISS it!!
No new birds this week but I had fun taking photos of my regular friends!

I don't often see hummers perched on the chain link,
 this little cutie was taking a break from having a meal at my Basil plant.

The Basil isn't looking good but the Hummer seems to be enjoying it.

Juvenile Towhee, they move so fast I snapped a couple dozen pics and wasn't able to get a good one,
I liked this action shot!!

This little baby Finch was really working it's parent for a meal.
The little downing feather sticking out the top of it's head made me giggle!
I tried to get a photo of it with it's parent but never did.

Here's the finch parent, never got a good shot of it by itself either.

And the Sparrow in the bath shot, water flying!!!
That spaceship thing in the bath keeps the water moving, supposed to attract birds.

Soaking wet, the pause that refreshes!



  1. Many thanks for sharing your lovely little birds...
    Your images are fantastic.

  2. Great series Kristi. Love those bath shots!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. Your "regular friends" are all beautiful! Great photos.

  4. Hi there -nice set of pictures!

    I can't work out why you can't post - you could try this link


    This should take you to another page where you can link up! Stewart M

  5. Lovely series of birds and photos. I always enjoy seeing the birds bathing. Thanks for sharing your WBW!

  6. Lovely group of photos. I love the Hummingbird at the basil blossom.

  7. Wonderful bird photos--as always! Thanks so much for sharing them with everyone.

    I got a treat today when the black soldier fly larvae started coming out of our compost bins during a rain shower. Our juvenile cardinals ventured out in the rain and had a feast. They were so cute while they were soaking wet.

  8. Great shots of the hummingbirds! The last one of the sparrow is too cool!

  9. Nice to see your lovely photos and sweet birds taking a bath!
    I'd never seen such a "spaceship"!
    I also have some bird bathing today!
    Greetings from Pia in Sweden