Monday, August 6, 2012

Love My Art Jewelry Winner and....

I was a Sponsor on the Love My Art Jewelry for the month of July and my friend Linda Landig won.

Linda makes wonderful creations and I'm always happy to see what she does with my Components!

Now for the "and..." portion of this post!

Here are a couple new things I hope to get listed today,
 maybe one of these will show up in a future Linda Landig Design!

Tapestry Buttons

I had a special request for Tapestry Buttons so I made a few to have in my shop as well.

Something a little different!
Mismatched, Ammonite and Tapestry,
one has Ammonite around the edge and one has it in the center opposite the Tapestry Texture.

A line up of the newest Tapestry combination pendants.

The newest Combination I call Egyptian Queen

Delicate Floral 5 hole Drops


  1. Oh you are killling me here Kristi!! all of these are over the moon gorgeous!! As sson as I get paid for some of my latest teaching gigs I will be shopping with you!! !!!!

  2. I am so thrilled to be the winner of the LMAJ giveaway! I'm choosing the Egyptian Queen pendant mentioned above and the Art Deco Feather Shards. Whoot-whoot! Thank you Kristi!