Saturday, August 11, 2012

I Heart Macro

My favorite Gladiola, is it stunning or what!
 It was here when we moved in 3 years ago and I look forward to seeing it every year.
 I'm considering planting more varieties of Glads, they have always been a favorite of mine!

Soft and stunning Hydrangea, just got watered so there's lots of droplets left on it which is always gorgeous!

studio waterstone



  1. I love that hydrangea. I don't think I've seen that variety before today.

  2. Gorgeous shots! I love the water drops on the hydrangea.

  3. I love a vase full of tall, majestic glads! Your's are especially regal! I've never seen hydrangea like your's either. Love the pretty pink edging!

  4. Gorgeous combination of colours on the first flower.

  5. The colors of your glads and your hydrangeas seem so unique--at least to me. Such beautiful flowers and photographs, Kristi! You are right, the water droplets in the 2nd photo really "makes" it! What amazing color and effect!

  6. Gorgeous glad, and hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers to photograph.
    I have never seen one like this. Love those pink edges. Really makes the flower stand out.