Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Wow, it's been some time since I've joined in BTW.
 I thought about it last week but it was nearly Friday so...
But it's actually Wednesday so here you go!

More new Shapes and Textures

Still need to be cleaned up before I fire them, hopefully tonight but if not tomorrow for sure!

Both pair of the new Owl Crescents I made a few days ago sold quickly
 so I'm making a whole flock of them.
They are 5 pair available for Pre-Order in my Etsy Shop.

Check out what all of the other BTW Participants are sharing this week.


  1. I love your new stuff, Miss Kristi. Hey, in the photo of the large-holed shapes, in the set on the left, do the small holes around the large center one go all the way through? I am envisioning some crazy wire wrapping goin' on. : ) xoxo

    1. Yes they do Miss M!! I was hoping somebody would do some wrapping with them!