Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Edmonds Third Thursday Art Walk

It's almost here, the Third Thursday is the 15th!

My jewelry is displayed for the entire Month of November in a local waterfront city of Edmonds WA but on the Third Thursday I'll be there and hope to meet some of you I may know online and new people too!

Edmonds has a great arts community,
 a number of Artists display their work all month which includes an
 I've known about it for many months but it was tough to figure out how to display my jewelry for an entire month. Of course since I'm not standing there all the time I had to have a secure way to do it and was hoping not to spend a ton of money to do it.

I found these great used Ikea cabinets, it took a little work to get them to work for me
 and of course we had to put locks on them.
 We set them up this morning and I'm really loving how they look!!
I brought some cedar sprigs with me to place here and there in the cabinets but I forgot about them.
I'll go back next week to work more on the set up and bring some beautiful fall leaves as well.

I also made these Shadowboxes to showcase large amounts of jewelry.

The wall is a little boring, I need to find some other things to jazz it up.
 I think I'm going to get some of my best pictures made in to posters of various sizes and mix them with the shadow boxes to fill the empty space on the wall.
But I think basically they were a good idea,
I'd never be able to display all these pieces in the cabinets.

I'll probably share more pictures throughout the month on my blog as I adjust the displays.

Oh I almost forgot, I sold a piece as I was setting everything up,
I hope the whole month continues that way!

Here's where I'll be!
108 5th Ave S
Edmonds, WA 98020



  1. Kristi-
    I'm hoping to get up to Edmonds sometime during the month to see your display. When does the display end? It looks gorgeous from these pictures.

    1. I'll be there the whole month of November. I will most likely be down on Dec 1st to clear everything out.