Monday, November 5, 2012

Scratch Foam Results

Here are the results.
I took them out of the kiln while they were very hot which gave them a much different look than I've been doing lately, I rather like it and think I'll do it more often.
That said...if anybody wants them tumbled and torched I can certainly do that with any of these pieces.
They are certainly very rustic this way, just a little bit of brushing to get the carbon off.

These will become toggles when I get a chance to make the other end of them.
Those Owls turned out so cute don't you think?

Assorted rounds, pendants, earrings pair and toggles.

Lovin the hearts!!!!!



  1. Love your work! The owls are adorable...

  2. THe styro worked great. The owls are really neat!

  3. Haha, those look like Diana's faces :) So cute!

  4. These are really cool. Do you just draw them freehand in the foam?

  5. Thanks Linda. It's a little bit of both, some of the main shapes, circles, rectangles, hearts are from my clay cutters. I press them in to the foam then re-trace the lines with the stylus and then I fill the inside of each shape with freehand designs. It's alot of fun!

  6. Gorgeous! It is interesting seeing how you make these with scratch board.