Monday, November 19, 2012

Playing with new shapes

I created some new shapes on Scratch Foam, new shapes and new textures to go with them.

These remind me of those Alaskan Ulu knifes, I'll have to think of something else to call them because I'm pretty sure I can't call them Ulu unfortunately.

Here are some Arrowheads.

And I made this Tribal Mask, inspired by some other masks I saw on Pinterest.
I think he's adorable!

Lots more you'll see in my shop in the near future.



  1. Eeep! Those shapes are dynomite! I see all sorts of possibilities in these. They remind me of some ancient jewelry from a long forgotten civilization. We have been watching the Mankind series and my son is studying World Cultures and this fits right in. Love the finish too. You are incredible Miss Kristi! Enjoy the day. Erin

  2. What great new shapes!!! I love the direction you are taking with these pieces.

  3. Way cool! I love the scratch foam textures!

  4. I like these a lot Kristi! You always have something new going on!

  5. I love the texture and dept of color. My goodness all these pieces lend them selves to so many creative options. They look almost like Raku with more hardiness. I think I have fallen in love!!!

    Gina Galli