Friday, October 15, 2010

Cabin Fever...I think maybe so

I think Cabin fever has set in, day 11 after surgery. I'm enjoying looking at all the marks made in my carpet as I roll around on my knee cart. I think maybe this is the first time you've seen somebody's carpet posted on their blog? I right? Pictures don't do it justice lol.

Rolly rolly rolly!!

A busy intersection, I apprarently go lots of different direction at here.

Vroom Vroom...

My work tray with all the beads and some extras, I'm using for the Michael's Challenge on Lorelei's Blog
I realized when I got home from Michaels that instead of white freshwater pearls I got pale pink, I couldn't go back so I had to use them. Couldn't fine either brown or black round cinnibar rounds.
The necklace is made and waiting to be posted with everybody elses on the 17th. I'm going to try to make earrings and maybe a bracelet using the same beads.

Ta for now!


  1. HEY! Love the pics of your rolly cart paths! What are the white texture thingies in the last picture lower left corner? Ceramic pieces? Looking forward to seeing the pics.

  2. Thanks Cindy, those are whitel Cinnebar Coins. Was supposed to have black or brown too but they didn't have any when I shopped.

  3. Quick Kristi, get out some silicone molding putty, thats one hell of a texture for a piece of clay you got going on on that carpet there lol....Seriously though, looking forward to seeing your new pieces when theyre done as the beads your using look fab xx

  4. can't wait to see your necklace sunday!
    thanks for participating! should be a fun day!

  5. You've got a heckuva sense of humor ... 11 days and you're still laughing ... keep it up!

  6. It's a total inspiration to see you meet this challenge after surgery! Totally awesome, don't ever let anything bring you down! :D I was also happy to see you going for earrings and a bracelet, too. :D