Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stu Stu Studio part 2

In my last post, among other things, I talked about and showed pictures of my future studio. Yesterday my accent wall got painted, I wasn't sure I was gonna like it but I really do!!

It's getting really tough not being able to walk, I would like to participate more in making over this room but since I can't stand or walk, I can't really paint and I really can't move furniture around, which is where we are right now. It'll be challenging but I have to attempt to pack up stuff out of the shelving unit in my existing studio so we can move it to the new room. My husband wants it to be done by next weekend...eeeeek!!

So, below is the new blue accent wall!!!!

And below is the maroon accent wall being taped off in preparation for primer, the blue makes a huge difference in the brightness of the room!!



  1. Love the blue Kristi... and the windows - OMG how awesome is that??? Have you got a 'blue print' of how it will lay out? That would be interesting to see too! :o)

  2. Your studio is really coming along ... looks great! The blue accent wall is lovely and a great color. Are you painting the maroon one? I will miss Item per day because I don't think people will post the same kinds of things in Starving Artists that they do there. Oh, well, I will follor your blog.

  3. Hi Linda, the blue wall was the maroon wall. I'll miss item per day too, it was easy, but we did without it before so I guess we'll continue on. Thanks for the comment!!

  4. Hi Kristi ~ just thought I'd check in. I really miss the "Item Per Day" thread. "Show and Tell" just isn't the same. Your blue accent wall is beautiful, and your studio looks wonderful. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and that you are able to get around on your foot now.