Friday, October 22, 2010

Lovely Day

Other than the fact I'm approaching my last weekend of down time, it's back to work on Monday, just shy of 3 weeks after my surgery. I still can't walk but I'll roll around the office on my knee cart as best I can, probably half time for a week or so until I can begin to walk again.

But today is a lovely day because of a couple of wonderful things. My husband is working in my new studio as we speak, repairing the walls in preparation for painting. Hopefully it will be somewhat ready for me to start moving in/using by the time I can walk again.

Here is a very bad photo of what it looked like a few days ago. The couch, chair and possibly armoire will all be moved in to other rooms. All the cabinets will stay, I'll have tons of work and storage space and even space for friends to come over and play.

Above is a piece that was in our living room when we moved in to this house a little over a year ago and we moved it in to my studio, this is how it looked when we moved it the first time. Now it will be moved (for the last time) in to my new studio.
Last but not least!!!!!

I am featured in a wonderful blog!!!!! Happy Mango Beads is one of my favorite places to purchase beads. They have a fantastic selection and tons of amazing beads that fit my style to a T! Thank you Happy Mango for your awesome selection, service and support of your customers, we appreciate you!



  1. What a lovely, light-filled studio that will be with those big, big, windows...very nice...hope to see photos when it is finished.

  2. Thank you for your kind feedback Kristi!