Saturday, October 30, 2010

October Challenge Entry

Here is the inspiration for the Art Bead Scene October Challenge.

Here is my entry for the challenge. I used gorgeous Red Carnelian Rounds, Sugilite shards, faceted Saphire Jade, Snakeskin Jasper, ceramic, glass and freshwater pearls and an antique brass chain.

I loved the intredients so much I made a bracelet...

And Earrings!!



  1. Kristi, This is beautiful. I love orange and blue ... of course we do ... they're complements on the color wheel!

  2. I love your challenge set ... beautiful as always. I love looking at your art ... all the parts go so well together ... wish I could hold one in my hand. The "feel" of them comes across in your photos and is very nice.

  3. The medallions were created in 1932, fabulous!
    Great set, Kristi!

  4. Love all the blues you're using! Great necklace...

    I linked to you in this post of mine and hope you have fun answering!